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Iteco  emails are sent ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY from  @itecoeng.com 
and any variation to this should be considered fraudulent.  


ANY MAILS  DIFFERENT FROM THESE DOMAIN (example @iteco-eng.com  or similar variants) should be considered fraudulent.

IMPORTANT: Prevention of fraudulent activity     
Iteco s.r.l.  is constantly working to improve security and reduce the risk to our customers of any fraudulent activity.    
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following:     
• The bank transfers should only be remitted to the bank account OF  TWO ITALIAN BANK     (Banca di Imola SpA  o  Intesa San Paolo)
• If the bank account details quoted on our invoices differ from the details held on your system or include refernce to other bank  (foreign also) , please check immediately with Iteco s.r.l.      
• Iteco s.r.l. will never contacts i  customers directly to request for funds to be remitted to foreign bank.    

How to recognize a phishing attack? 

  • Pay attention to the sender, never trust it even if it seems to be an official e-mail. 
  • Pay attention to errors, often fake e-mails contain typos. 
  • Beware of reading the registered office, verify on the official site the real registered office, and type it on your PC's browser URL bar.
  • Beware of the tone of urgency and threat. Do not be alarmed by the urgency communicated in the email. 

Be careful not to click on any links: in fraudulent messages, you can find links that take you to external pages or applications where your sensitive data and login credentials are requested