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The GLOVE BOX HBR is defined class III biological safety cabinet, as it is totally sealed, the manipulations take place by means of gloves inserted in the structure, the working environment is at negative pressure, the filtration is of Hepa / Ulpa type both inlet and outlet, it is equipped with a pre-chamber for passage with double interlocked doors so it GUARANTEES THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF PERSONAL PROTECTION OF THE OPERATOR AND THE ENVIRONMENT and is installed in laboratories of MAXIMUM CONTAINMENT level BSL4 , where not only manipulations of carcinogens and products with high biological risk are performed, but also processing of material containing dangerous infectious agents of GROUP 4 and exotic with possible air transmission, associated with potentially lethal human diseases for which vaccines are not available.    Several glove boxes can be connected in series (modular) to expand the work areas.

Although the Class I and Class II  MSC's (hoods)  generate a protection for the operators, this PROTECTION is not absolute. When working with group 3 and group 4 materials, a GLOVE BOX (Class III MSC)  guarantees maximum security for the operator and the laboratory.

-DOCUMENT  “ Classificazione degli agenti infettivi  in relazione alla sicurezza biologica “ emesso da Laboratorio di Virologia e Biosicurezza Istituto Nazionale per le Malattie Infettive «L. Spallanzani» IRCCS -Roma (ref. protocols of  WHO Collaborating Center for clinicalcare, diagnosis, response and training on Highly Infectious Diseases)

-DOCUMENT “Laboratory Testing for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Interim guidance (revised) January 2018”  issued by  WHO
(Pag. 3,  step 4. Laboratory biosafety)  (with ref.   http://www.who.int/csr/resources/publications/biosafety/WHO_CDS_CSR_LYO_2004_11/en/)


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